Saturday, April 5, 2014

Google AdSense - The Best Way To Earn Money From Home

If you want an easy way to earn money from your online content, AdSense makes sense. Google AdSense shows the right ads on your website, videos, or even web-based games and you make money.


AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google. Website owners can join this program to enable text, image and video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google AdSense provides a way for website owners to make money from their online content. You can join a community of publishers who turn hobbies into full time jobs and grown existing businesses. As you get started on your journey, look out for some key information to keep mind along the way. AdSense works by matching text and image ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different ads, the amount you’ll earn will vary. You can get colors, fonts, and sizes for your text ads to best match your website. Everyone uses AdSense in a different way, so try at various combinations until you find what’s best for your website. Spending time on improving your site can ensure you get the most out of AdSense.


If you’re new to website building and don’t really get it and are thinking, “Google will pay just pay me for placing ads on my site?” Well yeah, that’s pretty much the concept; it sounds really easy on the surface, but there is some work involved. The key is building your website and then more importantly getting targeted traffic to that website. It’s not good enough to just put up a website and submit it to Google to throw some ads on and expect to be making $2000-3000 a month; it just doesn't happen like that. The key is to find a topic that you’re interested in. Let’s say you love to play basketball; you could build a 50, 75, 150 page site on basketball and help people improve their ball game, give recommendations on the type of shoes or basketball to buy. Whatever the topic is, it should be something that you love and that’s important because if you love it, you won’t mind building more and more content for your site. The more content you have, the more likely the search engines will give you more traffic and you’ll make more money with Google AdSense in the long run. 

For example, let’s say you have this 75 page website on basketball and someone goes to Google and type in, “how do I improve my free throw shot,” well because your site has a lot of content and is well written, Google will rank you as a top search result. Let’s say on the right side of your article you have some AdSense ads related to basketball provided by Google and when someone comes to your site and reads your article on how to improve your free throw shot, they may glance over and click it, you can earn anywhere from $0.10—$3.00, just for that one click. Just imagine if hundreds of people come to your site every day and click on those ads, the money starts to add up. Basically what you’re doing is helping Google advertise and they’re paying you a commission for bringing traffic to their advertiser’s site. 

The good news is that Google AdSense is the easiest way for bloggers and website owners to start making money with their sites. It really is easy once you have your site and have traffic. After installing the ad code onto your website, AdSense spiders will crawl onto your website to see what your pages are all about and then they check their inventory of ads that puts related ads next to your article. 

You can even sign up to AdSense emails so you don’t miss out on the latest news, tips, and advice. You can also visit the newbie section of their help section to find detailed instructions on getting started. Log into your account today, create your first ad and see what Google AdSense can do for you.

10 Ways to Make Money from Home

Need some extra cash? There are dozens of legitimate work-from-home opportunities available, and many let you get started without paying a cent. Here are just a few easy ways you can make money from the comfort of home.
1. Sell your own arts and crafts projects 
Thousands are putting their creative skills to use and selling their artwork or craft projects online. You can join communities such to set up a storefront and start selling your latest works today.
2. Set up a home-based bakery 
If you enjoy baking and want to bake for special occasions, parties and local events, all you need is a food sales license to get started. (Check with your state's department of agriculture to learn more.) You can sell baked goods from home and work with local restaurants or catering companies to start building your client base.
3. Sell beauty products 
If you're a fan of Avon or Mary Kay products, consider becoming an independent rep for these beauty lines and make a commission on every sale. As an independent consultant, you also have the chance to host parties and social events to drum up sales.
4. Set up an eBay business 
Do you have access to wholesale merchandise? Consider setting up an eBay store to sell your products to a wide audience. You can create an online store and start selling within minutes; you only need some basic digital photography and Web skills to make a professional storefront.
5. Make money writing articles online
You can write articles and get paid upfront from content publishers such as Associated Contentand Demand Studios. These sites are looking for articles on hundreds of topics including gardening, crafts, travel, shopping, business and more. Writing articles is an easy way to get paid for what you know.
6. Become a tutor 
Home-based tutoring services are looking for online tutors who have degrees or certificates in various subjects. If you have strong online communication skills and meet eligibility requirements, you can be a tutor for a K-12 student or college student who needs your help.
7. Maintain a blog 
Bloggers can make a steady income writing about virtually any topic of interest and earn money through advertising. Making money with a blog can take time, so you need to be dedicated to get any return on your investment. Still, the effort can be worth it, especially if you have specialized knowledge about a particular topic.
8. Sell gift baskets online
You can own and operate your own gift basket business without having to buy inventory with Web sites such as Gift baskets are delivered through a drop-shipping company, and you make a commission on each sale.
9. Become a virtual assistant
If you've ever been an administrative assistant in the offline world, transfer your skills online and do common tasks for clients. Web sites such as can help you get started.
10. Offer personal assistant services 
Do you know some busy business owners in the local area? Consider offering personal assistant services to take care of everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, picking up office supplies and running other errands. You can get paid per job, or by the hour.
When you get past the scams and track down the legitimate work-from-home opportunities, you can start making an income on your own schedule.

Phrases Women Say That Men Love To Hear

We’ve talked about the things women love and hate to hear from their guys, but what about phrases women say that men love to hear? Men think we’re complicated, but they can be just as so. What do they want, what do they like? For many of our men it’s not all about sports and beer, and that’s why I’m here to help with these phrases women say that men love, so the next time you are trying to cheer up your guy you’ll know just what he’ll want to hear!

1. Compliment His Looks
One of the best phrases women say that men love to hear is, “You look good,” or something along those lines that compliments his looks. Whether you tell him his hair looks good, his arms look buff, or that his looks overall are great, he will just eat those words right up and melt like butter! Every time you think about asking him how you look when you’re going out, remember to compliment him on his looks as well.
2. How Strong And Masculine He Is
Since we’re already telling him how buff he looks, go a little further and say how strong he is as well. All guys, built or not, like to hear that they’re strong and can do something for their partner because they are stronger. Boost your guy’s confidence by asking him to open something for you or carry a heavy box to show him that you can’t do it because you’re just not as strong as he is.
3. You Need Him
Men are no different than us, they like to feel wanted and needed too. When the setting is just right and you two are having a romantic evening together, tell your guy how much you need him and can’t live without him. It’s all about timing, ladies. You don’t want to tell him this if you haven’t reached that connection yet, and you certainly don’t want to say this if you are having a fight and might go your separate ways.
4. Turn Him on
Don’t put him in the position of being the one who always tries to get things hot between the two of you. Make the first move tonight and say things that move the conversation into the bedroom. Tell him that it’s his night to be taken care of and start off with a nice back massage to get things started.
5. He Makes You Proud
Whether he is an amazing dad, works hard at his job, or he’s just an all around amazing guy, tell him how proud he makes you. Guys don’t always get the credit they deserve; everyone always makes a big deal about working moms, but what about working dads? Make this weekend all about him and show him what a great job he is doing with cards from the kids or a surprise favorite meal and dessert!
6. Give Him The Night off
We’re always making plans to do things; someone is having a birthday, it’s time for yet another holiday get together, or you need to go shopping for so and so. Well, tonight give your guy the night off, heck give him the weekend off! He works all week and doesn’t ever get to just stay home on the weekend because there is always something that needs to be done. Telling your guy, “Honey, let’s stay in this weekend,” will probably be one of the best phrases he has heard in a long time!
7. I Love You
Sometimes when we’re so comfortable in our relationships we don’t say “I love you”, as much as we should. These three words have so much meaning behind them, but we tend to just go about our day without saying them. So the next time you’re at work thinking of your guy, just send him a little text to show him how much you love him.
What do you think of my list of phrases women say that men love to hear? Are there any phrases you think are missing? What does your guy love to hear you say.

Things You Didn't Know About Flirting

If your flirting skills are lacking, it's time to step it up. Now. This is, of course, if you're looking to procure a mate. And you are, aren't you? Isn't everyone? Well, the thing about flirting, in that whole finding aboyfriend or girlfriend department, is that it works. 
Studies show that not only does flirting help in the dating department, but flirting and being able to do it well, are far more effective than your excessive good looks. After conducting research regarding flirting techniques in places where people go looking for love, psychologist Dr. Monica Moore found that "it's not the most physically appealing people who get approached, but the ones who signal their availability and confidence through basic flirting techniques like eye contact and smiles." Easy peasy, right?
Here are some other interesting facts about flirting that you probably didn't know, but probably should.
1. There are five types of flirting. 
You may have thought that a subtle arm touch or a wink might be the extent of flirting, but you're wrong. According to the University of Kansas there are actually five types of flirting: traditional, physical, sincere, playful and polite. While 25 percent of flirting falls into the playful category, 30 percent is intended to sincerely lure a mate into our web of desire.
2. Eye contact can make you more attractive.
Once you get that whole smiling thing down, go in for some eye contact. Not only is it a major signal that you’re interested, but eye contact can go as far as making someone even more attracted to you than they would have been. Studies have found that a "mutual unbroken gaze for two minutes with a stranger" leads to "increased feelings of passionate love."
3. Touching is a definite must. 
While men need to play it cool when it comes to this one (do you really want to get smacked, fellas?), if women lay it on thick, aka, "going nuclear," it will really reel in the dates. There are three levels of touching: friendly (ie. shoulder push or tap), plausible deniability (ie. touching around the shoulder or waist, or on the forearm), and, as we mentioned, nuclear, which is the face touch. When you can, without being creepy, go nuclear. Is everyone taking notes?
4. Playing 'hard to get' really does work. 
Yep, it's true, and the studies can back it up. Making yourself appear to be a "scarce resource worth having" while maintaining your interest is the ticket. People want what they can't have.
5. For men, age isn't a factor. 
When it comes to a playful night out with the ladies and flirting just for fun, 83 percent of guys say they don't care how old (or young) you might be. When it comes to a good time, age doesn't weigh too heavily for dudes.
6. How you talk is a huge indicator. 
As we already learned, men don't do so great when it comes to turning on the sexy voice, but women have all the advantages in that category. Along with being able to successfully manipulate our voices, if we're interested we tend to talk "smoothly and quickly." If we're meh on the situation, our speech ends up being "hesitantly and awkwardly" pushed out of our mouths. Yikes.
7. So is how you hold your head …
Ladies, scientists at the University of Newcastle in Australia have found that you're "most alluring" when you angle your head forward, so you're forced to look ever-so slightly upward. This creates a more feminine look, and we know how guys dig that. Men, in order to look more masculine and, therefore, more attractive to women, you're going to tilt your head back and look a bit down your nose. Don't go overboard and cross your eyes, but, well, you'll feel what's right for you.
8. The power of red is a real thing. 
Whether you choose red lips or a red dress, the color red, also the color of power and confidence, will bring all eyes to you. The "red dress effect" not only helps in attention-getting, but also makes women appear "more open to sexual advances" — this may or may not be what you want, but it is something to consider before going out on the prowl.
9. Being direct scores high on the success scale. 
While women prefer boring opening lines that lack pizazz, men want women who are direct. There is nothing sexier than knowing what you want, of course. However, both men and women agree that "cute/flippant" pickup lines are just awful.
10. It's good for you!
Weird, right? But those who get their flirt on and do so regularly are walking around with higher white blood-cell counts, which means they're really, really healthy.