Friday, February 7, 2014

10 Ways To Tell A Guy You Love Him

Showing a guy how you feel about him is quite a task. Only words do not suffice. Action speaks much louder to convey your love. What actions need to be taken to let your guy know about your innermost feelings? Here are some ways for you to tell a guy how much you love him.

1. Be honest at all times

The first sign of your love for him is complete honesty. Honesty in a relationship does not mean that you throw everything on his face. It starts with a honest opinion and extends to telling it all to him without deviating from the facts. What happens if you try to hide something from your guy? Let’s face it, he will come to know of the truth sooner or later. When he comes to know about your lies, he will get hurt badly. On the other side, if you tell the truth, he will admire your sense of righteousness.

2. Argue, but the right way

Arguments are a part of every healthy relationship and God is yet to create a couple who has not fought even once in their lives. Arguing is an art and can work wonders, if used in the right way. Imagine if your partner agreed to everything you said, there would be no fun left in your relationship! What happens when both of you have difference of opinion about something? Most of the couples try to push forward their opinions simultaneously. Most of the times this results in disrespect towards each other. Instead if you have disagreement about something, why not do this- put forward your views and then let your partner put his views. This method does not result in disagreement and gives fair opportunity to both of you to put forward your opinion. Try to control your emotions and talk logically otherwise the exercise will lose its purpose.

3. Enjoy new experiences together

Experiencing new things together bring people closer to one another. When both of you try something new, you act like a team. This strengthens your bond and also helps you break free from your routine lives. Who knows, the experience might even make your partner fall deeper in love with you.

4. Compliment your partner

Complimenting is an art. A single compliment can do wonders to a person’s mood. There is a popular myth that it is only the girls who get complimented by guys. However, this is a thing of the past. Imagine how pleased your partner would be getting a compliment after a long and nasty day. Complimenting him is a way of telling him how you notice and appreciate little things about him. It tells him how much you care for him.

5. Avoid criticizing your partner

Criticisms may have a negative effect at times. Though it is claimed that criticisms help a person succeed, often it is proved otherwise. Most of the times, criticisms do nothing other than lowering a person’s self-esteem. When you criticize your partner in an unhealthy manner, you tend to attack his self-confidence and invoke negative feelings between the two of you. Constant criticism is very bad because it would ultimately result in huge cracks in your relationship. Therefore, the next time you are about to comment on his laziness or his choice of clothes, pause for a moment, think of the consequences and like a true companion, give him a positive advice. It will speak volumes about your feelings for him.

6. Plan a getaway as often as possible

Getting away from the world and enjoying in a place where both of you have nothing to worry about is one of the essentials of a good relationship. The two of you need to get away from the world occasionally, to remind each other about your love. Imagine your sweetheart’s surprise when he finds you planning a quick detour to spend quality time together. It will not only make him feel loved but would also give him the mental satisfaction that he can always count on you.

7. Go dancing

Dancing is a fun activity. It is one of the most romantic activities that a couple can do together. When a couple dances together, it brings them closer to one another. It is a lovely experience as you coordinate with each other not by words but by your movements. It is a time when both of your bodies speak to each other. Even if a partner makes a mistake, it is gracefully forgiven by the other. Dancing not only improves couple skills but it is also a whole lot of fun.

8. Stand up to him and for him

A special way to express your love for your partner is by standing up for him when the situation demands. Standing up and showing your support for your partner is an easy task. But the one task that is difficult, but at the same time shows your real love for him, is when you stand up to him and confront him on something he might have done wrong. Only someone who genuinely loves a person would tell him about the wrongs he might have done. This action would not only help you gain his love but also his confidence and respect. He will know that you are there to support as well as correct him in the journey of life.

9. Indulge in occasional ‘Guy’ things together

Guys have certain things that they love and cannot give up. Instead of blowing over his plans for the weekend, accompany him to the stadium and enjoy a ball game together. If your guy is a gaming freak, ask him to show you his collection and choose a game that the two of you can play. For any guy, a girl who can understand his ‘guy’ needs is a blessing. He will not only love you for your attitude but will also start being more comfortable with you. This is way of showing him that you love him the way he is and things don’t have to be only your way.

10. Let actions speak

For ages, girls have tried to express their feelings for their sweetheart with the help of words. However, many of the guys do not appreciate mere the use of fancy words. Instead, they believe in seeing them being implemented as actions in the relationship. For a guy, nothing can be better than having his lady give an occasional kiss, run into his arms and hold his hand. A girl’s touch tends to melt a guy’s heart, who pretends to be very strong externally but crave for love from within.
A guy always tries his best to fulfill the needs of his lady love, especially the emotional ones. In return, guys don’t ask for much but true love. When you meet your partner’s basic needs and are always there for him, he would love you more.

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