Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What To Talk About On A First Date

You can spot a couple on a first date from a billion miles away. Two reasonably dressed individuals sitting at a coffee table, occasionally making eye contact. She looks nervous and maybe a little awkward. He’s fidgeting a little bit and looking at the coffee menu.
They both scan the room, they both smile at their surroundings, and the biggest clue of all?
They engage in mild small talk.
Him: So. How’s your mocha frappuccino?
Her: Pretty good! How’s your plain black coffee?
Him: Not bad!
More awkward silence ensues. More jittering and needless smiling occurs.
Ugh. First dates can be stressful and unpleasant, depending on who you’re having the date with. And sometimes when you’re getting to know someone, you feel like you really can’t be yourself because you’re worried about what the other person will think about you. First impressions count in this world and we all know it.
But it doesn’t have to be this one. Frankly, I love first dates. Why? Because you get to discover something new and it’s fun interacting with somebody that you don’t really know too well, but it’s always difficult to find the right things to talk about. In this article, I’ll outline a few great conversation topics and questions that will surely turn that date into a potential love interest.
Try talking about these things…
1.) Favorite movie of all time? Why?
2.) Any pet peeves?
3.) What kind of kid were you? 
4.) What’s your life goal?
5.) Do you have any role models?
6.) Have any nicknames? And how did you get them?
7.) What’s your idea of an ideal weekend?
8.) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would that place be and why?
9.) Tell me about your past travels.
10.) What do you hate about dating? Tell me so I can avoid doing that!
These are great conversation starters. However, there are some topics that you want to avoid as well.
Try avoiding talking about politics and religion. These are two topics that can be super sensitive to people. Those are topics that should be brought up much later in the dating process.
You should also avoid talking about work. Anything to do with the mundane, the boring, and the sensitive should generally be avoided.

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