Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love and the Causes of Heartbreak

When we experience heartbreak, we often ask ourselves “What exactly did I do wrong?” In most circumstances, you really didn’t do anything wrong. You just simply couldn’t live up to your partners expectations. Meaning they wanted something more out of you. And most of the time that’s not your fault. Sometimes the ones we fall in love with, secretly, want us to be more attractive and vice versa. This can be one of the many causes of breakup but when the breakup happens, the one who ends it will, more likely than not, make up a different excuse than your attractiveness as to why they ended the relationship. We can only control our beauty to a certain extent my friends so stop wanting more out of your partner this way or just don’t go into the relationship thinking she’s the most beautiful girl or most handsomest guy in the world because somewhere down the line, you probably won’t feel the same way.
You can’t fall in love with someone because of their beauty. It’s like falling in love with a book because of its cover. Just picture it, you open up a book that has an elaborate cover and you get around to reading it and it’s complete shit. Happens all the time. Same thing happens in relationships. One person goes into it thinking “wow this girl is a dime, I should try to get with her” not actually knowing anything about this girl. You could discover he or she is a terrible person and treats you like shit. Before you enter a relationship, get to know her or him a little bit. “Read the first couple chapters” as I like to say. Because you don’t want it to end just as quickly as it started.
Ladies, stop wishing your boyfriend was like Ryan Gosling from the Notebook. If your boyfriend is loyal and loves you no matter what, that’s just as good. And guys, stop wanting your girlfriend to be as hot as Kate Upton. Chances are, the girl you have is better than you could ever ask for. And if she isn’t, you never should have started the relationship in the first place.
Another point I’d like to discuss is that you can’t buy love. If you think your girlfriend is in love with you because you buy her flowers and chocolates and a giant teddy bear, you are mistaken. She loves you because of your devotion to her and only her. She doesn’t care about the cute little stuff you buy her. All she cares about is that you are faithful to her. All a woman can ask for is a man’s devotion and loyalty to the relationship. Is she wants more than that, she’s not the kind of girl you want to be with.
Find someone who will love you unconditionally my friends. Don’t go falling in love with someone who has unreasonable expectations for you because chances are, they don’t love you back.
I know I’ve been talking for a while now so one last thing. When you are faced with a breakup, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, be optimistic for the future. This person didn’t want you, so you can be damn sure someone else will. Never let go of that fact. And never lose hope in finding the perfect match. Now this person obviously won’t be perfect to everybody’s standards, but she or he is perfect for you, therefore you can look past her flaws and imperfections and see her for the beautiful person she or he really is.

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